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ReelDVD Color Tool Explanation

It seems as though the most difficult part of ReelDVD for new
users to master is the operation of the color tool in
the preview window. Hopefully this will help.

Before beginning this page, you should understand the basics of menu creation found in the Motion Menu Basics and Still Menu Basics pages.
  • There are two major areas that involve how to control the colors in your subpictures and how they react and interact.
    a) The buttons labeled below (1-4) are the "STATE" buttons. When selected, these buttons define which "STATE" of your subpicture you're seeing in the preview window... original, display, selection, and action.
    b) The buttons labeled (5) define the behavior of each of the 4 (pure) allowed colors within your subpicture. These four colors can be adjusted at each of the 4 "STATES" controlled with buttons (1-4)
  • A DVD subpicture is allowed, per DVD spec, a maximum of 16 colors. The 4 pure colors (white, black, red, and blue), and 3 additional variations of each for the display, selection, and action "STATES."

  1. Original State - This view shows you how your subpicture appears after ReelDVD automatically converts it to a BMP (if you didn't import it as such.) This state will also show colors that ReelDVD does not officially recognize. More specifically "non-pure" colors.
  2. Display State - The "at rest" state. This state shows how the buttons will appear when the user is viewing the menu, and the buttons are NOT selected (highlighted). Keep in mind that there will always be a default button that will be in the "Selection State" described below. Consider this when planning your menu's design
  3. Selection State - This is the "highlighted" state. The state in which the user has used the "arrow" keys on the DVD remote to move to the desired selection, but has not yet pressed the "enter" button. Note, like mentioned above, this state will automatically apply to your first button, as there will always be a default starting point.
  4. Action State - As described above, this is when the user selects "enter" on the remote. This view is seen by the user for just a second or so before the selected asset or chapter begins to play.

Key Notes about the color controls:

  • The controls for each SOURCE color maintain the same location throughout ALL four states. Because a particular color may be displayed in a different location in a different state, does not mean you're then adjusting that source.
    For example... If your subpicture item was created in pure black, then every adjustment you make to that subpicture item will be done in the third color control, regardless of what color is currently displayed.
    If you're unsure about which source color you're modifying, click on the Original State to remind yourself.
  • There are two common ways to change the colors of your subpicture items. Remember, you may have a total of 16... your 4 pure colors, plus 12 additional. There are default colors loaded by ReelDVD. You can pick from one of these by simply clicking on the color itself in the toolbar, or you can set the defaults by going to EDIT>PROJECT_SETTINGS>COLOR.
  • If you don't find the color you want there, go to EDIT>PROJECT_SETTINGS>COLOR_PALETTE. There you can replace colors with whatever color you like (provided it can be created using the standard RGB methods.)


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