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  • ReelDVD Basic How-To (PG 1 of 3)
  • This page will explain the basic steps to authoring a DVD with ReelDVD. The DVD will include a "FirstPlay" video, as well as one menu,
    and one video clip.
  • Menus are covered under separate Tutorials. Please return to our main page to read the steps for Still Menus or Motion Menus.

1. The ReelDVD Interface.

  • The Storyboard area is where you will determine track play order, menu links, and the general operation of your DVD.
  • The Explorer window is where you will find the files to be used in your project, and insert them, by dragging, into the Storyboard area.
  • The Track window will display video, audio, and subpicture info. This is also where you will note chapter points in your video.
  • The Preview window is where you can preview and test your DVD's operation. It is also used to determine button order and "hotspot" areas of your menu.

2. Open Reel DVD with a new project, if its not starting with a new one already.

3. First import your first play track (the track that will play immediately when inserting the disc into a player) by dragging the desired MPEG file from the explorer window into the Storyboard area. Reel will automatically link this video to the FirstPlay Bubble with a yellow arrow. This can be changed later if you don't want this video to be the first played. Although, it is recommended that you import your video into the Storyboard in the order in which your end-user would view them. This will help with chapter number display on the set-top player.

4. If you get an error telling you to use 4:3 or 16:9 video, or an error telling you that the resolution has been changed to PAL, you are not using elementary video and audio streams. You must export your MPEG's as separate streams for Reel to use them in NTSC format (.m2v video, and .wav audio.) PAL DVD players will read MPEG Layer II audio, so if your working in PAL you can use a single file. Although I'd recommend the AC3 encoder that you paid for with ReelDVD instead.

5. Now take your audio file stream (.wav) and drag it from the explorer window onto the video file in the storyboard. Reel will automatically begin converting your .wav to Dolby Digital, (.ac3). You will also notice that the audio track has now appeared in the track window below the video. The AC3 encoder is a big part of what you paid for when you bought Reel. Dolby Digital will take up much less room for your audio, leaving you the room for more video capacity on your DVD.
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