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  • The Motion Menu Practical (PG 1 of 3)
  • This page will offer the practical application of Motion Menus in Reel DVD 2.5. It is highly recommended that you read The Basics before trying this tutorial.
  • Download the files zipped below to follow along. The video has been cut dramatically to reduce download time, but the principals will still apply. Audio is in a separate file, as it is not really necessary for this tutorial. (approx 8MB) (approx 450KB)

1. Unzip the files to an easily accessible folder on your computer.
2. Open Reel DVD with a new project, if its not starting with a new one already.
3. Drag the file, TutorialMotionMenu.m2v, from the explorer window onto the storyboard area. The video bar in the track window will show content.

4. Drag the Overlay.psd file from the explorer window and drop it on top of the video file. The track window will now show SP1 (subpicture stream one) as having content as well. Notice how a "Buttons" track appears along with the Sp 1 track. This will show content as soon as we select those "hotspots" for the menu overlay.

- At this time the preview window should also show the .psd file overlayed on the video

5. If you downloaded the audio zip file. You may now drag the ac3 file on top of the video file as well. The audio bar in the track window will now show content. (For ease in downloading, I included the ac3 version of the audio. This was obviously converted to .ac3 from .wav by Reel.)
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