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1. Does ReelDVD support delayed subpicture (button) entry?

Not officially, but yes. There is a small "trick" that can be done in the track window to create this effect. Check out this tip page from WTS for a detailed "how-to."

2. Can you set a menu button to switch audio tracks?

Unfortunately, this feature is not currently supported by ReelDVD. An alternative, is to create a menu button that will lead your user to a still menu with directions on how to change the audio stream using their remote.

3. How do you put audio behind a still menu?

Audio can not be placed behind a still menu in ReelDVD, because a still menu has no time duration. To accomplish the same effect, import your still as a Slide Show, determine the duration of the menu in the track window (typically the duration of the background music) and then drop your subpicture overlay on top of it.

Keep in mind, this limitation is based upon the DVD Spec. DVD is a VIDEO based format. Audio is secondary. Therefore you can't place audio under an asset that has no time duration, like a still picture.

4. Does ReelDVD accept/encode AC3 audio?

ReelDVD encodes your .wav to Dolby AC3 Stereo. You can change the bitrate of this encoding under EDIT>PROJECT SETTINGS. You can also import AC3 files from another source (Stereo or 5.1) directly into Reel. Keep in mind, that each stream, in all assets, must be like types. You can have a AC3 5.1 and an AC3 Stereo file in Audio stream One, because they're both AC3. However, they must both be encoded at the same bitrate

This is a key advantage to ReelDVD. AC3 has a wonderful reputation for quality and compression. Your purchase will also qualify you for a "personal use" *Dolby© license. If you contact them here, they'll register you, and send you artwork for use on your Jewel box covers, etc. You can also purchase a DVD containing all of the *Dolby© trailers, and add a high level of professionalism to your finished product (this is officially approved for commercial use only and requires a different license and encoder.)

5. Does Reel support chapter and timecode display on a set-top player?

Officially, no. Although this is probably one of the most frustrating and debated issues out there. Technically, for ReelDVD to support chapter and timecode display on a "Set-top" player, the DVD must be encoded in one continuous PGC. This means, no menus, one video asset, nothing else. (Not exactly what most people have in mind after shelling out the dough for ReelDVD.)

Some DVD players will display chapter and timecode information, however. The information displayed is created by calculations in the player though, not by the DVD.

6. Why am I getting a "4:3" error?

You're attempting to import a .mpg file. ReelDVD requires elementary streams, i.e. (.m2v) for video and (.wav) or (.ac3) for audio. Check your NLE for an option to crate a "DVD Compliant Video Stream." Then export the same as a WAV.
Check out page one of the "Basic How-to."

7. Will ReelDVD recognize and write directly to disc using my DVD Burner?

ReelDVD now supports many new drives. Check out Sonic's website for the list of supported drives.

8. Does Reel have DVD-9 support?

ReelDVD currently supports only DVD-5 media and authoring.

*Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories

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