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ReelDVD Correct Still Sizes

  • First of all the issue is not about something that wouldn't work in ReelDVD or would prevent you from making a DVD. What this is about is whether or not you want to accept a little squeezing or stretching of stills and still menus.

  • Lets assume we are talking NTSC
    (PAL Instructions Below):
    a video monitor or TV screen has a 4:3 width:height ratio. On a computer screen pixels are square (i.e. width and height are the same). If an image is 720 pixels wide, it should be 540 pixels high to make it "4:3".

  • NTSC video is 720x480 which wouldn't fill a 4:3 screen if the pixels were square. Instead the pixels are "tall" rectangles (they are higher than they are wide).

  • If you would create a still image that is 720x480 or scan a photo and crop that to 720x480 and you would use that in your authoring, it would get stretched vertically (just like the video) to fill the height. Meaning that if your graphic had a circle in it, it would appear like an upright oval on the DVD, people in a photo would get thinner, text in a normal font would look like you had used a condensed font, etc.

  • To avoid this, create the image as 720x540. Once you are done composing/editing the image, resample it to 720x480 (width stays the same, height gets squashed) and save it. Imported in ReelDVD it will get the same vertical stretch as the video. The result is that the image will appear the same on the DVD as it did on your computer: circles are circles, people haven't lost weight and text is still in the font that you had selected.

PAL Instructions: Use the same processes described above, just use the following sizes and parameters:

  • design at 768x576
  • resize (or rather resample) with "constrain proportions" set to off to 720x576
  • save and import in ReelDVD


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