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ReelDVD Multi-Color Subpictures

The following is a more advanced example of what is capable in ReelDVD.
The examples have been simplified to help with the explanations. I hope
this will help many take their skills to the next step. Be sure that you
fully understand the basics before beginning this tutorial.

To the right is an example of what using multiple colors in a subpicture allows you to do within ReelDVD.
  • Open the Zipped folder and import the background file (Smiley_BGRD.psd) into a new ReelDVD project.
  • Next grab the first overlay file (Smiley_SP.psd) and drop it on top of the background file
  • Using the "original" button, the preview window should allow you to view an example like the one to the right.
  • Next, use the button tool, and draw two hotspots. One over each face. Be sure to encompass BOTH mouths in the same area for each face. The "display" state is shown to the right.
  • By including two colors within a single hotspot, we'll allow ourselves to make two actions happen, with only one move from the user. As the user selects "left" on the remote, the happy mouth from the Track One smiley will disappear and the unhappy mouth will appear. This will cause the opposite to occur on the Track Two smiley.
  • First, lets adjust the colors for the display state. Whichever face is not currently selected by the user, we want the unhappy mouth to appear in black. We made the unhappy mouth using RED as our source color. Be sure you're in the display state and switch the second color selector (pure red) to black, and leave the contrast level at 100%.
  • We don't want the happy mouth to be visible in this state, so take the black position (3rd color) and set the contrast level to 0%.
  • Next, we'll adjust the selection state. When a face is selected, we want the happy mouth to appear in black, and the unhappy mouth to be invisible. Do the opposite of above. Find pure red controls (2nd) and set the contrast to 0%. Change the pure black controls to 100% and be sure that black is the chosen color for the selection state.
  • Optionally, you can set the happy mouth to change to a different color as the action mode
  • Finally, create your button links and try it out in the preview window. As you change the selected button, you should see the menu perform like the example to the right.
  • This is a very basic example of what's possible using multiple colors within a subpicture. I hope that you can take these basics and build upon them. Please pass along any good ideas, so I may share them with others here.
  • Please take a look at our Three-Color example (coming soon!).


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