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Vegas 4.0 DVD Menu Template 1

The following instructions and download, contain a template on how to create a motion menu that appears like the example below. The download includes a Vegas Project file and a subpicture PSD for use with ReelDVD when you've completed the steps. This template allows you to simply replace the video you see in the demo with your own.

These template instructions assume that you have some basic Vegas Video experience. If not, please visit
the Vegas Tutorial first.

View Demo Clip

Windows Media

Template One Basics:

• Designed as a Chapter menu for 10 total clips and a Main Menu link • "Footprint" subpicture included in zip file • Customizable title within Vegas Video • Required: 10 "window" video clips and one background video clip - all 90 seconds • The background video shown in the example above is available for download on the home page.

1. Download the zip file above. It will contain both the Vegas Project file titled MenuTemplateOne.veg, and an example subpicture for ReelDVD, titled TemplateOneOverlay.psd.

2. Unzip the download and open the Vegas Project file. You'll will be prompted with the message window shown below. Check "Ignore all missing files and leave them offline." Now click OK.

Vegas should open with 14 video tracks, and 1 audio track. Tracks 1-10, & 14 will be white and will read "Media Offline." The audio track will read the same. Tracks 11-13 will contain Vegas generated media.

3. Go the Multi-tool area and click on the Media Pool tab. Click on the Display tab, shown below, and select Detailed.

4. We'll be replacing the "offline medias" with your video. Because the settings for track location, size, and fades have already been established, all that is required of you is to fill in the "media blanks."

Right Click on the files listed below. After clicking Replace, select your video clips to serve as the substitute. Repeat until all 10 "Window Clips" and the background video have been replaced.

"Window Clips": Bubbles.avi • Center Spotlight.avi • Eiree.avi • Funnel Tunnels.avi • Psycho Ripples.avi • Space Particles.avi • Spiderwebs.avi • Sunset Clouds.avi • Texture Curve.avi • Wavy Grids.avi
Background Video: MotionClip2-2.mpg

NOTE: All fades have already been established for these tracks!

5. You can now edit the "Title Here!" portion of this template. To do so, click on the "Edit Generated Media" button at the end of the video clip. The Text Feature Window will appear. Here, you can retype the text, adjust size, color, shadows, FX, etc.

NOTE: If this button is not visible because the track height has been adjusted small, you can also find this same command
by right clicking on the clip.

6. Repeat the same for the Track 12 if you wish to change where the template reads "Main Menu."

7. Track 11 contains the green strip across the center of the screen. This area serves as a backdrop for the "windows." You can use the same Edit Generated Media command to adjust the color of this area. You may also use the Track Motion command to adjust its location and size..

8. Finally, insert audio into Track 15, and render.
NOTE: All fades have already been established for the audio!

The Subpicture that is included in the zip features a footprint designed to irregularly jump from window to window. Its use is, of course, not necessary. Just a suggestion.

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