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Vegas 4.0 DVD Menu Template 3

The following downloads, contain the Vegas Project file used to create a motion menu background like shown below. Everything you need to customize or adjust this menu for yourself is included in the project file. Just download it, and open it in Vegas 4.0 or later.

You may also download a MPEG version of this clip, ready for use.

Windows Media
Vegas Project File

Zipped MPEG (13.8 MB)

Template Three:

• 100% of this Menu Background was created within Vegas 4.0. There are no additional media files necessary to recreate this project other than the Vegas Project File download above

Project File Uses:

  • Use the "Edit Generated Media" control panel to make further fluid adjustments to the background.
  • Adjust any of the parameters to make it more or less active.
  • Be sure that your ending keyframes match your firsts, so they loop properly.
  • Add text, titles, graphics, etc. before exporting for use in your DVD project.
  • Combine it with the "Picture in Picture" tutorial to create a multiple layers of motion.

MPEG File Uses:

  • Import it into your NLE and add text, titles, etc.
  • Import it into DVD Authoring programs that allow menu creation within the application. i.e. DVD Movie Factory, DVD Workshop, etc.


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